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Being charged with a Federal crime can be terrifying. The Federal Courts have different rules and procedures from what you might be familiar with. You need an experienced defender who is familiar with the Federal system and can handle the complexity of a Federal case. I take pride in guiding client through the complexities of the federal system and helping them to obtain the best possible outcome.

If a Federal investigator, agent, or prosecutor wishes to speak with you, never do so without an attorney present! Call the Law Offices of Douglas C. Foster now.

Why are the Feds involved?

The United States Government can charge people with crimes. Crimes prosecuted by the United States instead of by the State of California are heard in Federal Court. Agencies like the FBI, Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), or the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF) are often involved in the investigation.

Crimes often prosecuted in Federal Court include:

  •  Securities fraud
  • Drug smuggling
  •  Mail fraud
  •  Child pornography
  •  Gun charges

Penalties for Federal crimes tend to be more severe than penalties in State court. In addition, Federal Courts have their own procedural rules and rules of evidence. Even attorneys who are experienced with criminal cases in State court find themselves confused by the differences.

Douglas Foster is familiar with the Federal system and the complexity of federal criminal cases. His experience, combined with his attention to detail, make Mr. Foster the best choice if you or a loved one are facing Federal charges.

Call the Law Offices of Douglas C. Foster or contact us online today to get the personalized, hands on attention your case deserves!